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Guidelines that Students Should Consider to Proofreading their Work.

Proofreading helps students to present clean work to their teachers making them attain higher marks. Students are human being, and human beings are not perfect all the time.

Students would not wish to get lower marks due to common mistakes, which can be avoided. It is good for you as a student to go through your work and make possible correction before the teacher gets your work. It is easy for a student to proofread his or her work.

In some situations some students might not be allowed to use any proofreading app on their work and they might not have someone to go through their work to help them identify the mistakes, such a student might not love proofreading his or her work. Below are some simple guidelines to assist you go through your work before you submit it for marking.

Go through each sentence you have written. Identify any error which you might have made in your text by being keen on every sentence. It is advisable for students to proofread their work by reading from the last sentence they have written all the way up to the title of the text. The last becoming the first is a rule that assists people to pay more attention to the possible mistakes in the text rather than the content.

You will not be there when your teacher will be going through your work, it is advisable to pretend that you are the teacher marking the work. The sentences should be well understood without any assumption. It will be wrong to think that the one who will read your work will understand that work the same way you are understanding.

Go straight to the point and do not write something that will not bring any meaning to the text. In case you find a sentence that you do not understand its meaning, consider revising it to make it looks real. Do not include sentences which do not link in terms of meaning with the following sentence.

Facts check your work. Using quotes, titles, facts, references or charts in any work, should be done in the correct ways to avoid losing the meaning or a sentence. You can go back to the place you got the information from and read it again. You do this to make sure you have gotten the meaning of the author in order to use it in your work appropriately.

Be familiar with your writing habits. You should be able to recognize your weaknesses and strengths in writing. With this in mind, you will not find it hard identifying your mistakes because you will know where you are weak at. Concentrate more on your weaknesses to make sure next time you do not repeat the same mistakes.

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